YAO Music Festival

Jul 16 - Aug 26, 2018
The trendy street culture get another powerful boost after the “I YAO Sports Festival” at Olympia 66, where musical elements are featured prominently in the first container-style pop music party in Dalian.
From Jul 16 to Aug 26, the “I YAO Music Festival” rocks the summer with a music feast marked by youthful exuberance that touches every heart.
A stellar cast of high school music talent and indies pumps the adrenaline of music lovers as they groove to the rhythm of folk songs, rock music, rap music, and street dances!
Brimmed with dreamlike and high-octane performances, the summer sonic show strikes the audience with dazzling amazement.
Olympia 66 perks you up with multiple music goodies that brings out your energetic inner self through hypnotizing melodies!